The Blue Trail – Nemi Ephraim Nahal Hemet Single Trail : המועצה המקומית מצפה רמון

The Blue Trail

Nemi Ephraim Nahal Hemet Single Trail

A desert single trail for skilled riders, approximately 15 km long.

riding level Riding level: Medium
Track length 15 km
location Highest elevation – Mitzpe Ramon
Riding direction Riding direction: clockwise
Cumulative type Cumulative type: 170 m
Recommended season Recommended season: all year round

This trail passes through a nature reserve. It begins in the parking lot of the Astronomical Observatory – “Mizpe Hacochavim”  – (which can also be reached by riding the Desert’s Edge loop for about 7 km from Mitzpe Ramon). Continue westward, along the steep cliffs of Makhtesh Ramon, passing several scenic viewpoints, and then along and above Nahal Hemet to the Hemet Water-hole, which dates back to the time of the Israelite monarchy (please note that entering the water is prohibited and dangerous). The trail continues eastward over low hills to the “Sukkah B’Midbar” junction. From here, you can rejoin the Desert’s Edge loop or return to town, riding an additional 9 km.

In memory of Nami Ephraim, may he rest in peace.

Nami loved the land and its unique desert landscapes. He served as a soldier in the IDF’s elite Sayeret Matkal unit and fell in the line of duty on February 18th, 1988, while navigating alone near Mitzpe Ramon, a place he held particularly dear.

Nami was born in Kibbutz Neve Eitan, the second child of Aba and Hannah. He was educated at the “Omerim” school, in Omer near Be’er Sheva, and attended the “ORT College” high school. He later resided in Kiryat Sharet in Jerusalem.

Nami was very socially active and served as the head of the Student Council. In this role, he organized events and went to great lengths to help his friends, earning the respect of his peers as a responsible and morally upright older-brother figure.

Nami was tall and robust, a man of few words, radiating a sense of confidence and trustworthiness to everyone around him, always with a smile on his face. Growing up in the kibbutz, he developed a deep love for the land and nature, which he knew intimately. He left behind a journal in which he wrote his thoughts, his love for his father, the affection for the kibbutz where he grew up, his inner struggles regarding military service, and his decision to join an elite unit to contribute to the country to the best of his abilities.

Nami loved the country and enjoyed traveling through it. This trail is dedicated to the many values he left behind: love for the land, Zionism, love for humanity, personal contribution, and dedication to society.